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Founded in 1896, Cape Fear Country Club is the oldest private country club in North Carolina

In 1896 a handful of gentlemen shared a mutual appreciation for a new game called Golf in Wilmington, North Carolina. Colonel David Porter Heap arranged a meeting for the expressed purpose of organizing a Golf Club. This marked the official beginning of Cape Fear Country Club. The first location was within a public park on the property of the old Hilton Plantation, situated north of the Port City. Over the years the Club has relocated two times from the Hilton Park, to the north side of Oleander Drive and to the south side of Oleander Drive. The Clubhouse has been rebuilt three times, the first building was a modest cottage built-in 1900, in comparison to today’s premier structure. Through the years the club's facilities have hosted major celebrations and sporting events. The PGA Tour held the Azalea Open at Cape Fear Country Club from 1949 to 1971. The club's prodigious history serves as a tribute to members, athletes, and celebrities who have made the club such a special place.  

The PGA Tour held the Azalea Open at Cape Fear Country Club from 1949 to 1971



Come for a day. Stay for a lifetime.

At Cape Fear Country Club, members become friends for a lifetime and families share experiences that are cherished for generations to come. It is our commitment to creating memories for our members and their guests. Cape Fear Country Club is a private, member-owned club. For membership information, please contact your friends, coworkers or acquaintances who are presently members of the club.

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